Monday, December 14, 2009

Six degrees of separation

STORAGE - Brain storming
NETWORKING - most interesting word coming out of web
Word chain: human storage unit - earth - networking - globally

Connections - what connects people to people - what connects -what is shared - where connections begin - conversation starters

Laws of connectivity - you need two or more things
- must be compatible
- someone or something is receiving
- someone or something is giving
-relationships - journey - kinetic - emotional - people to people - sharing -point - communication

Abstract Concept: We are all connected physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially and mentally. It is as if we are connected through one main or central source.

Links between abstract concept and concrete form PT1 (drawings)

Links between abstract concept and concrete form PT2 3D

Final Solution: A space where connects can be made.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Paper Exercise

Day 1 - Analysis of paper
material - newspaper
surface - print in black and white
weight - less than 1 oz
what happens when - folded - dropped - weaved etc
words of day- spring, suck, flexible, volume, sound, force, slant, tearing, twist, vertical, amazing

Day 2 - Deconstruction of paper
method of separation - hand
attempt 1 - tearing dry paper - little separation - noise
attempt 2 - tearing wet paper - almost no separation - no noise
discovery - one sheet of newspaper is approximately 36 feet in length when hand torn, (like tearing a kite tail).

Day 3 - Word web
word - FLEXIBLE - root word flex - meaning to bend move (a muscle) so that, it bends a joint
words of day - malleable - influence - affect - shape
lithe - agile - vigorous - strength