Monday, July 19, 2010

Paper & Connectivity Submerged

Paper and Connectivity Submerged is a further study exploring paper and connectivity.

To make a long story short:
A connection with American artist Myra Rasmusen during her presentation at the University of the West Indies was a connection which would prove to be vital in shaping my further as an artist.

Myra invited me to journey with her to Japan to become an apprentice under master paper artist Sakura Chiba in a paper sculpture festival called Nebuta. At that time I was looking for a way to further the paper and connectivity studies and I took the opportunity to prove the theory of six degrees of separation and further explore paper. After weeks of making vital connections, planning a solo exhibition (to raise funds) and 34hrs journeying from Trinidad to Miami to Los Angeles to South Korea, I arrived in Aomori Japan.

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