Tuesday, July 27, 2010

UWI - 2009

The Shrine Connection:

These glass mono prints mixed with woodblock prints, expresses the journey of the devotee.

Submission, Prayer, Meditation, Rapture

The Shrine Connection - A Symbol of man's desire to worship.

Dimensions: 10'W x 10'H

Medium: Papier mache Sculpture, wire, light, fabric

This study developed after I visited the shrines of Japan, these grand structures are a place of worship and devotion.

Man and his symbols, written by Carl Jung helped in this research.

This work symbolizes the devotee, kneeling before the idol or God.

God: Object of worship

The shrine is no longer an alter in the corner of a room, but it has become a lifestyle.

We are all devoted to something: internet sites (facebook, Hi5, Twitter), science, religion, technology, knowledge, etc, hence we are all believers and worshipers seeking to connect to the supernatural. Seeking to find true meaning in our lives, a feeling of belonging.

Spirituality, Conscience, Awareness, Supreme, Singleness, Deity, Identity

Filament Lamp

This lamp is based on the research which was done in Japan.

Medium: wire, paper and lights.

Dimensions: 4'W x 5'H

Definitions of filament on the Web:

  • fibril: a very slender natural or synthetic fiber
  • the stalk of a stamen
  • a threadlike structure (as a chainlike series of cells)
  • a thin wire heated by an electric current

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