Sunday, June 26, 2011

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Cheap Ting iz Good Ting - Alternative Market


Artisans promote alternative commerce

Menswear by CHIZ*L.

“Cheap ting is good ting,” is the bold assertion of a group of local artisans, who have teamed up to produce an alternative travelling art market (or ATAM), starting on July 1 at 11 Murray Street in Woodbrook. The Cheap Ting iz Good Ting! market was conceptualised by artist Michelle Isava. “The idea is a market for alternative commerce. It’s about investing in the consumer as much as she or he is expected to invest in the product—and so everyone should profit,” She explained.

A release from the collective said: “We Trinis are bred with the watch words ‘cheap ting no good’ and so easily fall prey to modern consumerist trend-baiting, spending exorbitant amounts on whatever ‘wearing now.” The Cheap Ting arts market “seeks to invest in the consumer by using unconventional methods that the everyday bargain-hunter would be drawn to.”

The assortment of products and services to be featured includes fashion, art and craft, food, jewelry, bags, pottery, sculpture, hand-made curios, second-hand haberdashery and books, do-it-yourself items, live entertainment, reflexology, and a resource of materials for artists producing recycled art.

Some of the innovative ideas behind the initiative include:
• Bartering—trading products/services for others.
• Haggling—allowing prices to be negotiable.
• “Early-bird” pricing—special prices before 12 noon.
• “Buy-Me-Out” pricing—reduced prices late in the day.
The growing list of vendors taking part in the arts market includes:
• The Cloth, designed by Robert Young, currently celebrating its 25th year as a local fashion label that champions culture and humanity.
• Aya Impression, a collection of handmade items by Olivia Fern, including jewelry, bags, and a variety of accessories.
• Gaea Photography, featuring compositions of natural, cultural, and inanimate beauty, from around T&T, Venezuela, Jamaica, Ireland, and Peru, also by Fern.
• Artist Jemima Charles, whose media range from clay sculpture to batik lamp shades.
• Portrait artist Brianna McCarthy, whose work recently graced the cover of ARC Art magazine.
• CHIZ*L Mensware by Ivaek Archer: designer novelty underwear, fresh off the runway of Tobago Fashion Weekend 2011
• Artist: Renu.
• Designer: Jafar.
• Cheap Ting founder, Michelle Isava.

The event launch event will feature a mini-fashion show at 6 pm with live drumming and entertainment from Ozy Merique, poets and other performers.

• Hours of business will be: July 1, 4 pm-8 pm; July 2, 9 am-6 pm; and July 3, 11 am-6 pm. Interested people may call 762-0364 or visit the market’s blog on Facebook, Cheap Ting iz Good Ting.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Studio Events

Young men trying their hands @ drawing

1st Kids' Art World event: the kids leaving beaming with pride

Mono prints: 1st to be produced @ the studio space :)

Studio opening

Take from Trinidad Guardian Newspapers

New art studio opens in St Joseph

Published: Wed, 2011-06-01 21:59
Charles, right, describes her work in the painting Tree Of Life to Renn Boodoosingh.

There is a new art gallery in town. Well actually its on Abercromby Street in St Joseph, and is the brainchild of artist Jemima Charles to showcase her work. Suede Molte Art Studio was officially opened on May 21 and T&T Guardian photographer Marcus Gonzales brought back these highlights.