Sunday, June 26, 2011


Artisans promote alternative commerce

Menswear by CHIZ*L.

“Cheap ting is good ting,” is the bold assertion of a group of local artisans, who have teamed up to produce an alternative travelling art market (or ATAM), starting on July 1 at 11 Murray Street in Woodbrook. The Cheap Ting iz Good Ting! market was conceptualised by artist Michelle Isava. “The idea is a market for alternative commerce. It’s about investing in the consumer as much as she or he is expected to invest in the product—and so everyone should profit,” She explained.

A release from the collective said: “We Trinis are bred with the watch words ‘cheap ting no good’ and so easily fall prey to modern consumerist trend-baiting, spending exorbitant amounts on whatever ‘wearing now.” The Cheap Ting arts market “seeks to invest in the consumer by using unconventional methods that the everyday bargain-hunter would be drawn to.”

The assortment of products and services to be featured includes fashion, art and craft, food, jewelry, bags, pottery, sculpture, hand-made curios, second-hand haberdashery and books, do-it-yourself items, live entertainment, reflexology, and a resource of materials for artists producing recycled art.

Some of the innovative ideas behind the initiative include:
• Bartering—trading products/services for others.
• Haggling—allowing prices to be negotiable.
• “Early-bird” pricing—special prices before 12 noon.
• “Buy-Me-Out” pricing—reduced prices late in the day.
The growing list of vendors taking part in the arts market includes:
• The Cloth, designed by Robert Young, currently celebrating its 25th year as a local fashion label that champions culture and humanity.
• Aya Impression, a collection of handmade items by Olivia Fern, including jewelry, bags, and a variety of accessories.
• Gaea Photography, featuring compositions of natural, cultural, and inanimate beauty, from around T&T, Venezuela, Jamaica, Ireland, and Peru, also by Fern.
• Artist Jemima Charles, whose media range from clay sculpture to batik lamp shades.
• Portrait artist Brianna McCarthy, whose work recently graced the cover of ARC Art magazine.
• CHIZ*L Mensware by Ivaek Archer: designer novelty underwear, fresh off the runway of Tobago Fashion Weekend 2011
• Artist: Renu.
• Designer: Jafar.
• Cheap Ting founder, Michelle Isava.

The event launch event will feature a mini-fashion show at 6 pm with live drumming and entertainment from Ozy Merique, poets and other performers.

• Hours of business will be: July 1, 4 pm-8 pm; July 2, 9 am-6 pm; and July 3, 11 am-6 pm. Interested people may call 762-0364 or visit the market’s blog on Facebook, Cheap Ting iz Good Ting.

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